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What is Meraki?

MERAKI is a New Zealand activewear brand that focuses on providing women with unique activewear tops and padded sports bras both for daily and special moments. At Meraki, our goal is to boost your confidence, strength, and individuality every time you slip into one of our products.


Today, activewear is more than just for the gym – it's a fashion statement for every occasion. Whether you're out for a date, catching up with friends, or just running around, our activewear tops and padded sports bras are your perfect companions. Mix and match with jeans, skirts, or pants to create a trendy and comfortable look.


Meraki is all about empowering women and girls through fashion. Our collection includes padded tops, sports bras with high support, and a variety of women's activewear designed for your comfort and style. Embrace the confidence and unique vibe that comes with wearing Meraki – anytime, anywhere!

About MERAKI product

​Ever found the perfect top, only to wish it had padding? We get it – nobody wants to worry about revealing too much while working out or catching up with friends. At Meraki, our goal is to offer unique, confidence-boosting activewear. Say goodbye to boring gym tops and hello to something interesting that not only supports you during workouts but also looks great for social occasions. Our bras are multi-use, making it easy to go from brunch with friends to the gym without changing. No need to stress about visible straps or uncomfortable sticky bras – our padded tops have you covered.


Explore our collection of sports bras and activewear tops for women, designed for high impact and ultimate comfort. Elevate your gym wardrobe with Meraki, your go-to for stylish and functional athleisure wear in New Zealand. Upgrade your look with padded sports bras and high-impact activewear that sets a new standard in gym brands.


Shop now for a confident and comfortable workout experience!

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What does MERAKI mean?

MERAKI means 'doing something with soul, creativity, and love.'


When I created this store, I was desperate to find something I could truly love, infuse with creativity and soul, and offer something helpful and inspirational for women. I want to share MERAKI with you, a woman who may occasionally seek that extra boost of confidence and a reminder of your power and uniqueness. I hope MERAKI will embrace your natural self and help you believe in yourself a little bit more.


When I was searching for the name of this store, I wanted it to reflect my feelings and convey my main idea to you, my customer. If you have any feedback, please email; I would love to hear from you! And if you ever feel stuck, remember to listen to your inner self and trust your feelings.

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