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What is Meraki?

MERAKI is a New Zealand athleisure brand that focuses on providing women with unique sports bras and tops for casual and formal occasions. We aim to make women feel more confident, powerful, and unique while wearing MERAKI anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays, athleisure wear is something more than workout clothes... It gained more functionality by being part of our everyday lifestyle, it went beyond doing things like exercising but also can be styled for activities like going on a date, catching up for evening drinks with your friends, doing shopping and even sometimes can be a part of a working outfit. 

You can create a "capsule" wardrobe by integrating activewear pieces into a regular wardrobe by blending them with jeans, a leather skirt, or pants to create a stylish and comfortable look. 

About MERAKI product

Have you ever been disappointed when you order a cool top with an open back or one shoulder style but it doesn't have padded cups, so you either have to wear an additional bra or self-adhesive cups underneath ( that's not what you want on a hot summer day...)? Well, I hope I can solve this problem, by telling you that all Meraki bras and tops have padded cups that provide great support that is suitable for high impact activities but also so you don't worry about wearing additional layers underneath.

The main concept of the Meraki products is to give basic gym wear an upgrade with more interesting and unique styles but also to provide a multi-purpose product that can be styled and worn anywhere and anytime.


[ MAY - RAH - KEE ]

What does MERAKI mean?

MERAKI means "doing something with soul, creativity, and love".

When I was creating this store, I was desperate to find something that I would love doing and would be able to put my creativity and soul into it and also provide something helpful and inspirational for women. 

I want to share MERAKI with you, a woman who sometimes needs that little confidence and reminder to yourself about your power and uniqueness. I hope MERAKI will embrace your natural self and help you to believe in yourself a lil bit more.

When I was looking for the name of this store I wanted it to reflect my feelings and my main idea to you, my customer. So if you have any feedback please email, I would love to hear from you!

And if you ever feel like you are stuck, remember to listen to your inner self and trust your feelings.

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