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Meraki NZ Athleisure
Meraki NZ Athleisure_edited.jpg
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[ MAY - RAH - KEE ] 



Meraki is a New Zealand athleisure brand that focuses on providing women with unique padded sports bras and tops for casual and formal occasions. Our aim is to make women feel more confident, powerful, and unique while wearing Meraki for exercising, heading out for lunch, or evening drinks.

Nowadays, athleisure wear is something more than workout clothes... It gained more functionality by being part of our everyday lifestyle, it went beyond doing things like exercising but also can be styled for activities like going on a date, running errands, shopping and even sometimes can be a part of a working outfit. 

You can create a "capsule" wardrobe by integrating activewear pieces into a regular wardrobe by blending them with jeans, a leather skirt or pants to create a stylish and comfortable look  .......

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